Summer Anime Anticipation

We’re halfway through the spring season and, though I’m immensely enjoying this spring’s anime, I’m already getting enthusiastic about the offerings the summer will bring. There’s a lot that piques my interest. We don’t yet have an abundance of information on some of the shows and we still don’t know who will get streaming rights for what, but what the heck! Let’s jump in anyway!

I’ll divide these shows into the seven I am quite excited for and the three I’m tentatively interested in…





Orange begins with the arrival of a letter from our main character, Naho Takamiya. Or, more accurately, a letter from her future self attempting to ensure the Naho of the present doesn’t make the same mistakes she did.  I haven’t read the manga for this one (though I’ve heard good things) so I will be going in blind. The theme of regret is such a universal one, and I’m hoping this drama will really dig into it and kick me in the feels. Plus that song in the PV sounds like the perfect expression of summer.




This anime is based off the manga by ONE (of One Punch Man fame) and comes from the esteemed studio Bones. That alone is enough to generate hype. But the premise is enticing as well: “Mob” is an eighth-grader who keeps his psychic abilities bottled up; however, if his emotions overwhelm him, his powers could cause his body to go kablooey. And he has a psychic mentor who isn’t psychic. Mob Psycho 100 looks like an absolute treat, full of heart, action, and comedy.




91 Days is set in the 1920’s during the Prohibition era and revolves around Avolio, a young man who arrives in the United States and joins the Mafia to exact revenge on the killer of his parents and brother. Revenge is a self-destructive, cyclical monster… but who knows where this story will take us? I love the era it’s set in, I adore the PV’s music (which I hope carries on throughout the show), and I like the premise. Needless to say, I am hooked.




I get a big Usagi Drop vibe from Sweetness and Lightning. Kouhei Inuzuka is a teacher who, after his wife passed away, is taking care of his little daughter, Tsumugi  (who I’m guessing is a mixture of adorable sweetness and lightning energy). I’m hoping this anime tackles parenthood and grief, while maintaining a light-hearted tone throughout the rest of the show. Apparently it also deals a lot with delicious food (which father Kouhei has no talent at making)… and who doesn’t love food!? The thing that makes me most excited for this is the fact that the young Tsumugi is voiced by Rina Endou, a talented 11-year-old (and also the voice of Hina in Barakamon). Series that use actual children for children’s roles make me happy.




I’ve discovered that I’m a sucker for sports anime. But Battery looks like it has more going for it than sports alone. Based on the novel series (that won the 35th Noma Children Literature Award in 1997), Battery follows Takumi Harada, a young prodigy pitcher. After moving to a small town he is ready to give up on baseball since there isn’t a catcher that can keep up with him… until he meets Gou Nagakura. A focus on trust-filled friendship and a country setting makes this show ooze warmth. I’m really pumped for this one. The only kicker for me is that Noitamina has an exclusive deal with Amazon Prime, so if I want to watch it I’ll have to get a membership (being a Canadian, I watch exclusively on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, and Daisuki). Even so, it looks like Battery would be worth it.




Hurray! Another sports anime to look forward to! Days takes us into the world of soccer. We join two boys and their unlikely friendship: Tsukushi, who is talentless at soccer but determined and passionate, and Jin, who is a genius at the sport. Though both Days and Battery highlight a friendship formed through sports, Days seems slightly more focused on the sport itself while Battery seems to care more about the friendship found (perhaps because Days is Shounen and Battery is Shoujo? Not that those classifications aren’t often broken…) Anyway, both these anime look auspicious.




Honobono Log is an anime short series (2 min episodes) based off the artbook by Naka Fukamachi, which interestingly began as a series of tweets and will have its sequel released this July. It’s exciting to have an anime inspired by – not a manga, novel, light novel, or video game – but an art book. The series will present heart-warming and endearing depictions of everyday people, couples, and families. We don’t have a PV for this one, but the art style and the simple term “heart-warming” put this anime right up my alley. And each episode is only 2 minutes. I’m sure I’ll be wishing for more.








I’m actually really excited for Handa-kun, it’s just that what made me love Barakamon so much was the setting and adorable Naru. Without those, I don’t know what to expect (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). Handa-kun takes us back 6 years before Barakamon, with Handa being worshipped by his peers, while he mistakenly believes them to hate and be bullying him. This looks like it’ll be a fun high-school comedy presenting us with a Handa before his perspective-shifting trip to the country.




ReLife gives us a 27-year-old man struggling with adulthood who is given a chance to reverse his body back 10 years and return to high-school as a 17-year-old for a one-year experiment. I could see this show being really great, but I could also see it falling into the bad end of wish fulfilment. I haven’t read the manga, so I really can’t say either way. It is interesting though, and I’m ready to give it a shot.




It is a cat hiding inside a banana. It is Bananya. I’m so glad I live in an era that gives me such absurd things to consume.

But honestly, I don’t know what the heck this is. Yet I am drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Bananya will be my undoing.




Well, that’s it! Those are the ten I’m interested in. Some of these I may end up disliking and perhaps ones I haven’t listed here will become favourites. Who knows? If you want to see what else will be airing (since there’s a bunch I’m not initially interested in and/or are sequels from shows I haven’t seen), be sure to check out sites like livechart.


What about you? What shows are you getting excited for? I’m interested to know, so share with me in the comments!



9 thoughts on “Summer Anime Anticipation

    • I’ll be checking those three out along with you. Right? We have so many interesting shows coming this summer! It’s exciting! I almost enjoy anticipating shows just as much as actually watching them. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    • 91 Days especially intrigues me. Since I started watching seasonal anime I’ve made a habit of picking out a serious series that I think I’ll enjoy (Perfect Insider, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, and now Joker Game), to varying degrees of success. 91 Days is my pick for this summer, and I hope it’s on the Shouwa level of artistry *fingers crossed*


  1. Will check out Days, Battery, 91 Days, and Handa-kun at the least. Looking over that chart, I’m also interested at that ones about cheerleading boys (Cheer Danshi; like Battery, it’s also based on a novel) and scuba diving girls (Amanchu), provided they don’t have *too* much baiting.

    Having read Orange, I think it’s pretty good, although I don’t love it enough to re-experience it in anime form. Could certainly see a strong art direction elevate the source material, though.

    I’m also nine volumes into Barakamon, and the author has certainly earned my trust to check out anything else she’s made, in spite of the change of setting. Handa’s a terrific anchor for an SoL comedy.


    • Cheer Danshi and Amanchu look intriguing. Like you said, I fear the baiting, but c’est la vie. I particularly like the vibe Amanchu gives off; very serene and calm, kind of like Flying Witch. Apparently the manga goes more deliberately into a romance (or so I’m told), so maybe there will be an actual fish on the end of the line as opposed to mere baiting… who knows…

      You make me have even more enthusiasm for Handa-kun!


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