Anime Films With Award Recognition

Award season has just about wrapped up and I thought to myself, “What better time to post a list of anime films* that had award recognition than now?” So that’s what I’m doing.

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Summer Anime Anticipation

We’re halfway through the spring season and, though I’m immensely enjoying this spring’s anime, I’m already getting enthusiastic about the offerings the summer will bring. There’s a lot that piques my interest. We don’t yet have an abundance of information on some of the shows and we still don’t know who will get streaming rights for what, but what the heck! Let’s jump in anyway!

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Animator Expo: Season One

I recently did a marathon of Animator Expo’s three seasons. I recommend you see them if you are able. They don’t take much time and are worth it. Although not all of them hit the mark (for me at least), they are fresh sights for sore eyes and there’s generally something in each short to admire. And the ones that do hit the mark hit it well and with expert aim.

So, I am going to record my favourites from each season. Here we go! First stop, Season One!

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